Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the installation costs?

Installation costs are based directly on the term of contract you choose and are as follows:

TermInstallation Cost
3 year$200.00
2 year $275.00
1 year $350.00
No Term Contract* $425.00
* By opting for the no contract option you are agreeing that you are not contracting our service for any specific amount of time, it does not exempt you from our Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy.
You can preview our contract here.

You can preview our service agreement here.
What is Transfer Allowance?

The internet works by passing (transferring) data from one computer to another, this movement of data uses bandwidth. Transfer allowance is the amount of bandwidth you can use without incurring extra costs. Our transfer allowances are based higher than regular usage for the package type.

What does this mean for you? The majority of our clients will not come close to using their allotted transfer allowance, in fact less than 1% of our client base will ever incur over bandwidth costs. Standard email usage, web surfing, online gaming, administration tasking etc are examples of standard usage.

As a specific example of residential usage: There are 4 people in my family on a residential connection, my husband and myself physically use the internet 8-10 hours a day. Regular tasks in our day include email, web site administration, server administration, online communication, web surfing and online gaming. We also have 2 dependants who use the internet approximately 4 hours a day. Their normal usage includes web surfing for homework research, email, gaming, iTunes™, YouTube™ and short home movie uploads. We're near the top of the residential limit but we use far, far more than the average family.

What uses excessive bandwidth?

The most common cause of excessive bandwidth usage is the use of streaming video services such as Netflix or AppleTV. The next highest usage services are peer to peer file sharing programs such as BitTorrent etc. and the transfer of super-large files including Xbox and PS3/4 game downloads or updates. An example of a super-large file would be a file that is in excess of 500 MB. To put this in perspective, a 91 page instruction manual in Adobe Acrobat format is around the 2 MB mark, an average email runs around 60 kB. If you use your connection for business and find that you require more bandwidth than a residential package allows, there is no extra cost for upgrading, we simply charge you the difference.

What is 'throttling'?

As an alternative to paying for usage above the transfer allowance, you may opt to enable speed throttling on your account. This would reduce the speed of your connection to just a little bit faster than dial-up when you reach the transfer allowance on your account. Web browsing, email, chat and other similar services would still operate, but other services that require faster speeds such as streaming video, video chat etc., would not work. Throttling would automatically be removed from your account at the start of the next month and you would have full speed again until you reach your transfer allowance. If throttling is in place, you will not be charged any fees for going over your allowance after it is enabled. You may contact us at any time to enable this service, or to remove it.

What is the 'Green' discount?

NetSetter Wireless is actively working towards reducing waste and promoting a green environment. To this end we try to reduce paper usage where ever possible. Our invoices, statements and receipts are all electronically generated and transmitted via email to our clients; this alone reduces our paper consumption from 60 odd reams of paper a month down to less than 2. We also get savings from our vendors when we opt for electronic documentation instead of paper. These two sets of savings we pass onto our environmentally friendly clients in the form of the "Green" Discount.

What does this mean for you? If you opt for payment via credit card we will reduce the cost of your recurring service fee by $5.00

How much do you charge to come out to my house to see if I can get your service?

It's Free. We come out with the intention of providing service, so if we cannot get a working signal, there is no charge to you.

Why would I need a backup dialup connection?

Wireless connections on the internet, while just as fast or in some cases even faster than their wired counterparts (cable), can be affected by environmental influences. Extreme weather conditions (Alberta extreme, not what non-Albertans call extreme) can occasionally slow down your connection temporarily, interference from other electronic devices in your house can interfere with the wireless signal (although in this case we help you trouble shoot the interference and offer suggestions on how to resolve the issue). Interference from outside influences can also slow down your connection (in this case we will do our best to resolve the issue and as quickly as possible). Our main source of advertising is word of mouth, so we want you happy.

What does this mean for you? If you run a business or work from home where you have to absolutely rely on accessing the internet we have dialup services available for those rare occasions when the environmental influences just are not playing fair. For the internet services, the dial up is included in the cost of the package. For you to be able to use this service, you must have a modem.*

What if I move?

If you move all we ask is you please ask the people moving in if they want the service. If they do, we will leave the equipment mounted and the account will transfer over to them. If they don't, we will come to your house and pick up our equipment. In either case we will not enforce the term of the contract.

What is VoIP?

Phone service over the Internet!
Tera-Byte Wireless is now pleased to offer VoIP phone services on its wireless network. VoIP service allows you to make and receive phone calls using your internet connection, with a significant savings over your existing phone service costs.
VoIP phone service works by connecting your existing handsets to a phone adapter that is connected to your internet connection. Phone calls are made and received in the exact same manner as before; make a call by simply dialing the number. The phone call is then processed by our servers and connected to the party you wish to call.

Along with regular local and long distance service, you will receive all calling features listed below:

  • Call waiting
  • Caller*ID display
  • Voicemail
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call blocking / Do not Disturb
  • Call Return
  • Distinctive Ring
  • Blind Transfers / Attended Transfers
  • Three-way calling
  • Speed Dial
  • 411* and 911* service
The full user guide may be found here
VoIP service offers unlimited local and Long distance calling to Canada and the United states for only $30 per month. International calls are charged at competitive wholesale rates.

*There is a $1.00 per call charge for 411 service. 911 service must be activated by the user before it is available.

What is your bandwidth management policy?

Our main goal is to ensure that each customer receives fair and consistent access to the Internet. A small percentage of customers are often responsible for a very large share of data usage on our network. To mitigate the impact that these users might have on the experience of our other customers, we have implemented Internet bandwidth management on our Unlimited package.
To ensure that available bandwidth is shared fairly amongst all users, we may reduce the speed of customers on the Unlimited package during periods of peak usage. The speed reduction will be based on the customer's monthly usage; customers who use more will have their speeds reduced more. Customers on the Unlimited package who use a significant amount of transfer in comparison to other customers will have their speeds greatly reduced and traffic deprioritized. Our goal is to ensure that all of our customers have fair access to the network at all times.

What is your acceptable use policy?

Our AUP governs the acceptable use of the wireless service and may be found here.

What is your upgrade fee?

While we do not charge for upgrades to packages, if new equipment is required, there is a ${{site.upgrade}} equipment activation fee which includes the full setup of the new equipment, and the removal of the old device.